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      What are the different types of air conditioning units?

      1. Cassette Type
      2. Console Type
      3. Ceiling Ducted
      4. Wall Mounted Type
      5. Ceiling and Floor Type
      6. Floor Concealed Type

      Creating a comfortable and relaxed indoor environment is essential, and the key lies in selecting the right air conditioning unit. There are a variety of types available that caters to specific industry needs, so it’s crucial to make an informed decision.

      In this blog post, we will delve into the various types of air conditioning units that we at F.R. Sevilla provide to our clients. Our top-notch air conditioning solutions are made possible with Hisense, a brand known for its innovative approach to delivering optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Let’s explore this comprehensive guide and discover more about the various air conditioning types they offer.

      Cassette Type

      Cassette Type

      A cassette air conditioner is a square or rectangular box that is mounted flush with the ceiling. It incorporates four or more adjustable louvers that can direct the airflow in various directions. Primarily used in larger spaces such as offices, restaurants, hospitals, and data centers, the cassette type offers a reliable solution for maintaining a comfortable and cool indoor environment.

      These can be employed as supplementary units in specific areas within the data center. These units can help provide localized cooling and ensure proper airflow in smaller spaces such as server rooms, control rooms, or office areas within the data center facility. The adjustable louvers of cassette-type air conditioners allow for flexible and directional airflow, making them suitable for targeted cooling in specific zones within the data center environment.

      Hisense offers a range of Cassette Types designed to meet your diverse needs, which helps maintain a comfortable and cool indoor environment.

      • 1-Way Cassette Type: For hotel rooms, residential applications, and spaces with cornered floor layouts
      • 2-Way Cassette Type: For high-ceiling areas and hard-to-reach spots, ensuring uniform cooling throughout the space
      • 4-Way Cassette Type: For larger spaces where efficient and widespread air distribution is desired.

      Console Type

      The console-type air conditioner also referred to as a floor-standing or floor console air conditioner, is specifically designed for floor placement or mounting on a low stand. With a larger physical size compared to window or wall-mounted units, console air conditioners find application in residential spaces, retail stores, and server rooms.

      Floor-standing air conditioning units are designed with a focus on providing excellent air distribution throughout a space. They are equipped with features such as oscillating louvers or fans that actively move and circulate cool air in multiple directions. This helps to ensure consistent cooling comfort in the room, eliminating hotspots and promoting even temperature distribution.

      The oscillating louvers or fans in floor-standing units effectively distribute the cool air throughout the room, reaching every corner and eliminating stagnant areas. This enhanced air circulation helps to maintain a comfortable environment by preventing temperature variations and ensuring that cool air reaches all occupants in the room.

      At F.R. Sevilla, we offer a range of console air conditioners from Hisense, renowned for their exceptional performance and stylish design. These units are well-suited for diverse commercial applications that require a floor-installed or floor-proximate cooling solution, including manufacturing facilities, hotels, restaurants, and more.

      Ceiling Ducted Type

      A ceiling ducted air conditioner, also referred to as a central air conditioning unit, is a technologically advanced and efficient cooling and heating solution specifically designed to cater to large areas or entire buildings. It operates by utilizing a network of strategically installed ducts that are discreetly concealed within the ceiling or walls, ensuring seamless integration with architectural aesthetics.

      These ceiling-ducted units are commonly found in a wide range of commercial settings, including office buildings, hotels, resorts, conference centers, and convention halls, where precise temperature control and uniform air distribution are paramount.

      At F.R. Sevilla, we offer a diverse selection of Hisense ceiling ducted air conditioners, each with unique features and capabilities:

      Ceiling Ducted Type (AC/DC Low Height)

      Boasting a slim and space-saving design, this type is ideal for installations with limited ceiling space. It features advanced Two Temperature Sensor Control Technology for precise temperature control and a 3D airflow distribution system that ensures comprehensive coverage of the entire room. It offers flexibility for device and sensor connections, enhancing functionality.

      Ceiling Ducted Type (DC High Static Pressure)

      Designed for installations with higher static pressure requirements, this type optimizes airflow with its auto-adjust ESP function based on actual duct resistance. It includes a Cold Wind Limit Setting to prevent discomfort from cold drafts and features improved bendable filters for easier installation in confined spaces.

      Ceiling Ducted Type (High/Low Static Pressure)

      This variant provides a versatile air duct layout for comprehensive air distribution. It offers multiple device connection options, compatibility with various systems and controls, and smart temperature control for customized comfort. It also allows for fresh air introduction, promoting a healthier indoor environment.

      Wall Mounted Type

      Wall Mounted Type

      The wall-mounted air conditioner, also known as a through-the-wall air conditioner, offers localized cooling and heating for specific rooms or areas. These are commonly used in residential, commercial, and small office spaces where individual room cooling is required.

      Hisense’s wall-mounted type air conditioner is equipped with a high-efficiency DC fan motor, which reduces power consumption, leading to cost-effective operation and efficient, economical performance.

      In addition, it has an integrated smart noise reduction technology. This innovative feature reduces operational noise, providing a quieter environment during high airflow operation.

      Ceiling and Floor Type

      Ceiling and floor air conditioner types are versatile cooling and heating units that can be installed either on the ceiling or close to the floor. These units offer flexible installation options and are designed to provide efficient climate control for various spaces. Not to mention it also boasts hassle-free maintenance.

      Hisense’s ceiling and floor air conditioner has a sleek and smooth design, with a shiny white cover panel that adds an elegant touch to any room. It is also designed with concealed bolts and nuts, ensuring that they are not visible when the unit is installed on the wall or ceiling. This creates a visually pleasing and streamlined aesthetic.

      On the other hand, it enables a broader distribution of air, reaching further and lower down to the floor, ensuring efficient cooling or heating throughout the space.

      Floor Concealed Type

      Floor Concealed Type air conditioners are a sophisticated cooling and heating solution that offers discreet installation on the floor below a bay window or decoration space. These units excel in maintaining the aesthetics of space while delivering efficient and effective climate control.

      The adjustable static pressure and flexible installation allow users to choose the air duct to increase the air supply distance so that they can achieve a completely concealed installation. This eliminates the need for multiple units, optimizing energy efficiency and reducing operational costs.

      One of their notable advantages is their ability to handle high static pressure. This feature allows for the distribution of fresh air ducts to reach even the farthest corners of the room, ensuring comprehensive air circulation and proper ventilation throughout the entire area.

      With floor-concealed air conditioners, you can achieve a comfortable indoor environment without compromising the visual appeal and overall design of the space.

      Key Takeaway

      These are the types of air conditioning units that Hisense offers. Each type has unique features and benefits, making them suitable for specific industries. More importantly, each of them promises optimal comfort, efficient energy, and a cost-effective solution for your air conditioning needs.

      F.R. Sevilla offers Hisense air conditioning solutions. We make sure to provide only the best products, services, and maintenance. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact F.R, Sevilla here. Our team is looking forward to becoming your long-term partner for all your business’s air conditioning needs.


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